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No Squire this time but happy


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I haven’t posted anything in a while so I thought I would share for those having a bit of a hard time picking up fish.

I decided to go out to the North Reef on Saturday morning targeting bream and squire. Got to the ramp at about 5.30 am and launched. There were quite a few boats out already. I had a chat to a guy who said he was heading out to the beacons looking for Mackerel.

After getting to my secret spot which always provides I started slow with very few bites (not so secret if you know the area and study the attached pic). After about 30 minutes the wife was on and pulled in a nice Moses Perch. Then the bite was on and we pulled in at least 8 more, all Moses Perch but the Bream stayed away.

About 10 minutes later I hooked onto a nice fish that gave me a good fight. Pulled out a 32 cm Bream. All fish were let go to fight another day although some had taken the hook quite deep. No Squire this time but pretty happy with the results of the day until the wife started feeling sea sick.

Thanks for reading.


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