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Jew Rigs???


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Hi All,

After a bit of success with the bread and butter species (bream,flathead,whiting)I have decided to step it up a gear so to speak.

Joining a mate to chase a few Jewies under the Bribie bridge tonight.

Was wondering what gear some of you guys use ie braid and leader weight? hook size? bait?

Any help would be appreciated.


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My Uncle lives near Bribie and has told me that all the locals say live pike are the gun bait for jew under Bribie bridge. I always use the rule- hook size to suit the bait rather than hook size to suit the fish you are trying to catch. When I've fished there with my uncle for squire and bream there was a fair bit of current but I reckon you don't need to be fishing on the bottom for jew at night, especially under lights. So if it was me I'd go enough lead to stop your livie from swimming on the surface and sit a few metres down, with a good long leader (like 4-6 feet) so the livie can swim around fairly freely, and fish unweighted on the slack tide letting the livie swim wherever he wants near the pylons. If it were me and I got big livies I'd use at least 30 pound braid/60 pound leader and try and position the livie right up hard in amongst the pylons. I know it sounds heavy but if the fish only has to travel 30cm to snag you, you need some stopping power.

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