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Worst night, best ending


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Hi guys, just joined this forum yesterday, thought I would share with you my night down by the logan.

Started off down at the coomera river catching live poddy mullet. Ended up with around 20 or so between 9 and 15 cm. Soaking wet because of the on and off rain, I kept them alive in a bucket with an aerator and studied google earth on my phone.

Found an awesome spot down on the logan where i could cast and run back to the car and get out of the rain. But alas, this is where my problems has begun.

You see, I have a 650 w amp connected to quite a large sub and alpine speakers. I thought i could fish and leave the lights on without the engine running. I hooked up a poddy and threw him out. Not a minute later, bam! I was on. Now never having fought a bull shark, let alone on light gear, we fought.... and fought...

Not letting him get the better of me, i climbed over the railing, slipped, dropped my rod. He was then gone.

No worries, ill go and hook up another rig.

But as i got back up, i realised that the lights were very dim. Yeah i ran the battery flat. so i thought to myself, ill send out another bait and then work it out.

Not being a member of the RACQ proved to be difficult. I had to join tonight just so they would come and give me a jumpstart. But halfway thru the conversation,"whats your email" bam! I was on again!

3% battery life on the iphone, this guy asking what my star sign is, I had to cut the line so it didnt totally spool me.

2 had beaten me.

So in went the third bait.

At that time the RACQ showed up and jump started my car. So i left the engine running with the lights on this time and finally hooked up again.

And this one i landed.

What fighters these guys are! And strong too!

And on that note, i put him in my bucket, and went home. B)

99cm my first bullshark


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