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Storm Covers


how often do you use your storm covers  

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  1. 1. how often do you use your storm covers

    • 0-2 times a year
    • 2-5 times
    • 5-10 times

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I had a storm cover on my previous boat it was great and would get another one if needed came in handy for having a sleep in the boat overnight in a carpark while waiting for deckies to arrive. Also Dom and I were overnighting in a mate of Doms, it hissed it down all night and a storm cover would have kept everybody dry, They also protect the boat and contents I reckon good value for the outlay.

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Like Davey said covers would have saved our ar$e that time.

They are great for overnighter offshore if the weather goes bad but that is about it. Unless you are planning to go fishing along way offshore they probably are not worth it. I never have mine on as its just too hot and uncomfortable not having good air flow.

Being fairly prone to seasickness I don't really venture offsure unless the forecast is immaculate.

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