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Newman Announces His Cabinet


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Mark did a bit of talking on other fishing web sites about what should happenLet me guess what he will say now “ its not my job†:blink:

that`s basicly all he did do. he was good at telling what labor always did wrong with fisheries,Duh good one we the mugs knew,what they did wrong.

Then virtually avoided every question asked,with the reply that Cando will tell all.His only output realisticly was loosely informing of the $120 million Broadwater Seaway in the package announcement, and that was after everyone had already read it else where.

I was very disappointed with his 'talk no evil monkey impersonation', but then again he did talk no evil or anything else :lol:

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He hasn't split up the "super departments" as promised either. 1st lie already down and dusted.

Politicians never change.

Remarks like these just shows your ignorance.

Premier Campbell Newman met with unions yesterday to brief them on planned changes to government agencies, including the break-up of “super-departments†such as the Department of Environment and Resource Management and the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation.

DERM responsibilities will be picked apart with sections of the department going into the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection; the Department of Natural Resources and Mines; and the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing.

It appears up to eight of the departments under the new structure will take in parts of soon-to-be-axed DEEDI, including the re-established Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche yesterday welcomed the new structures, saying the new government had “clearly listened to the resource sector's call to replace unwieldy super-departments with departments focused on outcomes, not processâ€.

“The resource sector in Queensland is pleased to see a return to a portfolio of Natural Resources and Mines,†Mr Roche said in a statement.

“A sector responsible for one in five dollars of the state's economy and one in eight jobs, and with huge developments pipeline, requires a portfolio focused on ensuring balanced and sustainable growth.â€

Mr Newman has stressed the need to break up “super-departments†currently overseen by multiple ministers, arguing each department should be responsible to one cabinet member in a bid to improve accountability.

“There'll be, in broad terms, a minister, a director-general and a department,†he told brisbanetimes.com.au recently.

“If someone thinks that's old fashioned, well, bad luck. That's what accountability is all about – a clear line of control and responsibility and that will deliver much better results.â€

Queensland Council of Unions president John Battams, who attended yesterday's meeting with Mr Newman regarding machinery of government changes, backed the overhaul.

“[Mr Newman] said he wanted a clear line of responsibility between each minister and their respective department,†Mr Battams said. “This appears to be a very common sense approach.â€

Mr Newman told representatives at yesterday's meeting he had a good relationship with trade unions during his time as Brisbane lord mayor and expected that to continue, Mr Battams said.

The departmental changes are expected to apply from Tuesday, when new ministers are sworn in at Government House.

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Regardless of whether Mark Robison got the nod or not, he made representations on behalf of the LNP and as such I for one am expecting (perhaps naively) the new government to make good on them. If they dont follow through then support can easily become opposition, simple as that.

The problem is regardless of which party you vote for you are always electing a politician. Time will tell.

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