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Looking for bimini for my new boat


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Hay every one

i have just got myself a 395 allycraft and am looking for a bimini for it for the kids

i went to cunninghams marine at clontarf and they quoted me $490 for a high quality one installed but i think i could do better

does any one have one or know where to get one installation is no problem

any info would be great

Thanks ben

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See the one that Lance has the link to. Its a good deal, but I would adapt it a little by doing this. You will need to follow along with the picture.

As it is on the screen make the bow of your boat on the right hand side. Use the straps to secure the front of the cover to the bow, but see where the centre support arms come off the rear bar. Just below that, fit another set of rigid bars from the rear arm down to your gunwhales. It will hold it just as firm, if not a little firmer as its a rigid arm instead of another set of straps. But most benefit will come from not having a set of straps coming off the rear arm heading towards the stern of your boat, which results in a greater unobstructed arc to fish from.

You can buy the tube ends, couplings and deck mounts here for a couple of bucks. http://www.biasboating.com.au/category_s/362.htm?searching=Y&sort=13&cat=362&show=10&page=3

Also a sock to store the canopy in is worth every cent.

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Agree with booty. Mine has straps front and rear. They pop sometimes when you hit a big wave so the rigid support stops it falling over. Best thing about a rigid rear setup is when I hit a school and need room to cast I pop the front straps, throw it back then you have the whole front section to get some good casts in. When the school goes down and the sun is belting down pull it back forward and get some cover back.

Just to add mine isn't from reeltackle. His looks great

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