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Wet Weekend at Coomera

max pwr

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I had been watching saturday's forecast all week because I was keen for a pre-dawn session on the Coomera, had dreams of pulling in a jew or a decent cod in the mouth. Forecast was for a light shower or two overnight so the alarm was set for 1am sunday morning, hitched up the boat and off we went. Wasn't looking the best on the way down but by the time we got to the ramp the rain was holding off enough to be comfortable in our raincoats and we motored to the mouth, set anchor, cracked a beer and threw out the lines.

Was ok for about ten minutes until I realised all the shows on the sounder were jellyfish and not baitfish :evil: millions of them! I could have walked across the top of them nearly. then it started to bucket down so I moved up towards the north arm of the river but Couldn't see anything cos of the heavy rain and my leccy got water in the head and stopped working so we had to anchor up and just got soaked for four hours :evil: :evil: :evil:

To top it off the Mrs' raincoat had perished and was useless and mine had a dodgy zip so by 6am we called it, all we caught was an eel and a massive puffer fish.

The non event just made me more determined and I had monday off so I loaded up the boat and retraced my steps from Saturday night, this time just flicking soft plastics and had fixed the bow mount and no rain :) was bloody unreal! The weather was suss enough to keep most at home and only saw the odd boat about.

Ended up at Sanctuary cove a few hours later with only a couple of tentative taps thus far but it was so nice on the water I didn't care so I anchored up at a spot I call 'the point' where there's a nice eddy on the incoming and decided to throw out a green prawn on a jighead and just a few minutes later came up with a really fat little cod


well I was pretty stoked cos I wasn't really expecting to catch anything this late in the game and ten minutes later pulled a smaller one out of the exact same spot


This one spat out a big cut piece of bait from someone else's effort and the slime from his gut made him slip across the bragmat so that's why the pic is so bad.......couldn't keep the little critter still!

After that I moved and did a drift back upriver with the outgoing tide for not a touch in another hour and a half and it fully bucketed down but I had bought some waterproof pants and a new raincoat from Anaconda earlier in the day and was amazed when back at the ramp my clothes underneath were bone dry :) Sick! No more not fishing because it's raining ever again! Best $150 I ever spent I reckon.

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Not sure about the photo's. Have tested pictures on several browsers with several file types and everything is working fine.

There have been quite a few other posts go up today with images as well?


Weird.....tried to upload the pics a dozen times on firefox so I switched to internet explorer and no dramas :huh:

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