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Breaking in the new Hobie


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Hit one of the local waterways this morning to break in the new hobie outback. This was the second attempt as the first resulted in one spangle. This attempt was a bit better with several bass landed although I was off to a slow start and was on a donut for the first 2 hours, I was starting to think all sorts of things as to what was going wrong,banana colored undies, the extra fresh from the rain etc etc then after feeling sorry for myself I snapped out of it and got into some good fish, they were just waiting for the sun to get up a bit higher.

A selection of beetlespins accounted for most of the bass. Some were the size of the little one in the pics and some in the 30cm plus size range.







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Great work Dino! Would have been a beautiful day for fishing! While probably everyone else was listening to the rain in bed Dad and I were out getting drenched yesterday :P We did get well over 30 bass on lures though! (I think that they have a liking for the TN50 instead of TN60s as I got about 20 of the bass :lol: )


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