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New combo for young fella


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After Calum's big fight with the sting ray on Wednesday, I asked him if he would like to spend some of his birthday money on a new rod.

He was keen, so down to big W to see what was on offer.

Pretty poor in the racks, but found a good looking rod, a Shimano 7 foot estuary 2 piece unit, good action flexible tip, had that mug ET on it as one of his recommended rods, but the rod was good enough to ignore that, so grabbed some Berkley 8lb mono (0.25mm), good price at $6 for 300m.

Got to the checkput and noticed the runners were crooked in the top half. On closer inspection, the top solid part was loose, and pulled out easily.

Back to the rack, all 5 in the rack the top pulled out easily. Ditzy assistant told me they were supposed to, I told her not on any rod of mine!

Could not find another suitable rod in the rack, so looked at the combo's a nice 6 foot Shimano combo rod and reel (without loose top!) was the go, picked it up for $45. Reel was a Shimano X2500, a nice little reel.

He will use it for the first time at Hinze tomorrow.

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