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Awoonga Lures


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Gday everyone.

I am getting my gear ready already for the Awoonga trip.

I would really apppreciate any and all advice on what lures to use for barra in the lake.

I have some large squidgies i am going to try but would also like to ge some suggestions on hard bodies as well.

Please only reply if you have these lures and have used them. I would prefer not to read \"I have read somewhere that these are good\", as i have also read a lot as well.

Just want some first hand advice.

Cheers everyone.


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angus i have never barra fish but i do have 2 pet barra and i have watched them feed, im sure troy could agree with me on this one. Barra are really lazy. They will wait for smalll fish to come to them. On the other hand they are allways keen to chase down a big livie. My advise would be to use a larger lure for the barra. Because if you use a small one you will need to really get it infront of the barra and if you dont have a sounder that will be hard.


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The lures Ray caught the big Barra on in March at Awoonga are called \"crazy Deep\", they run at 8m about 45m behind the boat. They go for around $18 here, Ray got a couple at MO Tackle yesterday for $14 each.

I also have scored some 6\" shads for Awoonga, in the same colours as the lures mentioned above! (But at $7 for 4, somewhat cheaper!)

The blokes at MO Tackle reckon they will go well on Barra, you just have to be careful, as they are easier to loose on underwater structure than a floating lure (not that I will be surface working them, most likely attached to a downrigger to get down to that 8m mark)

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My stock for Awoonga so far, the 2 packs on the right are 6\" shads, on the left, the Tsnami's are 75mm, and the Kokoda's are 100mm (notice the trebles), also shads.

Also as we are camped on the Boyne river, I will ask Ray to take along his cast net, good chance of getting some livies off the old bridge abutments at Benaraby, I reckon a few mullet might be interesting as well.

[img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/P8220003small.jpg

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last march in awoonga the barra were all down deep and all the fish were being caught on rmg scorpion crazy deeps 8m plus. Our only results were on one lure which was a rmg scorpion 8m crazy deep in colour R19 psychodelic. Other people were also scoring well on h53 white with red head ( also called quantas) unfortunatly i didnt have one and they were all sold out at the kiosk. I also had and tried h65 blood nut, r25 mullet with no success even though recommended by kiosk. I also tried a couple of predadek viper ( unknown colour gold with black stripe down back and kind of black scales) and a killalure deep divers with no results . i will try to remember to take some photos and ask andrew to show me how to post them.

I got advice from a guy at BCF at Capalaba He told me the crazy deeps., and Gordon at tackleworld at sandgate he told me crazy deeps,predateck and killalure, and the people in the kiosk at awoonga also crazy deeps.

I found the guy at BCF the most helpfull as he had been there 2 weeks previously and had a mate still there. The people at awoonga were also helpfull but they didnt have any crazy deeps in stock as they were all sold out.

It seems to depend a lot on current conditions as to which lures are working at the time and it would probably be prudent to check with the park at awoonga a few days before we go to find out whats working and if the barra are down deep or on the surface. I would like to be able to cast and retrieve into the sticks for some surface action as when we were there the only fish caught were by trolling in the middle of the paddock.

Sorry if this confuses you more.


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Ray: Thanks for that. I will certainly invest in some crazy deeps among things just in case!!

As for mullet i was def going to try and catch some garfish. I have had a lot of success catching gar before and they are one of my favourite baits. I also have this crazy i dea of putting one on as a livie and trying to catch a barra on a surf rod :P

Andrew: I have also have bought some six inch shads. I figure if they work, then theyll be great value. Might lose a few more on the bottom. But better them then some 20 buck lure. I would also like to use them cast and retrieve them in some of the bays and snags. Again if i lose some to snags oh well.

hope you guys are as pumped as me coz i cannot wait!!


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Hey Angus / Troy what about we make a list of what people suggest and what we get.

I don't want to buy a heap of lures that you and Troy already have, nor do I want you guys buying lures we wont use, we'll just be wasting our money.

I already have about 10 lures ranging from 2.5 to 8 mts plus a couple of casting lures and some plastics (like ferals photo).

I sort of feel that right type and colour is most important and I think the shop at awoonga will have the latest \"hot colour\".

Lures that I saw attached to fish in the latest qld fishing mag were

Classic Barra 10+ (105cm fish)

Halico 8+ RMG Scorpion mullet pattern (108cm fish)

Killalure 20+ (79cm fish)

A $5 special on 30lb mono (82cm fish)

So maybe a list would be good or is that being too organized.

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hey mate

favourite barra lure would have 2 be a black and gold bomber... unfortunatly dads mate lost it last time we used it so i dont know the exact name of it and also those kokoda sp's in the picture posted by feral are great have caught barra on both


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