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Borumba Toga Trip


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Yesterday Dad joined me for a session up at Borumba in search of a few toga.  With a nice early start and on the road by 3.30am, we were met by a thick cover of fog as we arrived at the dam.  As soon as we arrived at the first spot we wanted to fish, both of us became aware of the small toga slurping insects off the surface!  This made us confident of hooking a few and after only 5 minutes Dad hooked up to a nice toga on a popper.  Sadly this fish spat the hooks which was what happened with most of them during the day.  

After working our way down the bank we came to a small cove that just looked so fishy.  After slowly twitching back the walk the dog surface lure, the water exploded with what was probably the biggest toga I have ever seen.  This fish was built like a tank and after thrashing around on the surface all of the trebles came back straightened!  Although it wasn't landed it was a pretty special moment just experiencing the beauty of this fish so neither of us were too disappointed.  I did get the hit on the gopro which is awesome to watch!  Anyway after fishing the surface a bit more I finally landed a tiny toga but was good to finally get one in the boat.  We also got a few bass and Dad landed a slightly bigger toga on a jackall aragon!  All in all it was a great day with enough action to keep us busy.  And what a spectacular dam to fish just because of the scenery!




Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 6.17.29 PM.jpg


It's a great sign seeing so many small toga!

IMG_5410 (1).jpg




This was a very solid bass on the lucky craft bevy shad.




Managed to also spot a few deer having a swim!  There was no shortage of wildlife.  




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Thanks Wayne.  We've been taking the dslr out lately as there's no point having it if it never comes out with us.  Been getting a few nice shots so definitely worth the effort.  I'll try and get a short edit up of the hit in the next few days.  And that reminds me I still have to make a video of our cod trip as I have heaps of footage.


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Hahaha yes I was stoked to finally land one of those rare prehistoric gudgeons!  I've heard they grow far bigger than that too!

Nah not an upgrade but only just started taking it out fishing.  It's a canon 450d and takes some pretty nice shots.  We decided that it seems pointless having it if we've too scared of it getting wet, so might as well take it out fishing.  I wouldn't mind upgrading to a dslr with video capabilities though as this would vastly improve the videos that I produce.  The gopro's good but nothing compared to something with a bigger zoom lens.  

Yeah was a really fun day and keen to do it again.  Next time I think I'll go armed with a bent minnow rigged with some extra strong trebles.  

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1 hour ago, aussie123 said:

Gotta have Jitterbugs James.

I personally think they are the best surface lure for Borumba.

The Toga love them up there and they are very easy to work as well.

I have a heap here if you ever want to borrow them.


Thanks very much for offer but it looks like you might be a bit too far away sorry.  If you were closer I'd definitely take you up on your offer though!  It sounds like they are the lure to use so I'll be sure to throw one of them round next time I'm there!  Very keen to land a big one.  


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35 minutes ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Congrats on the toga James and a jolly healthy bass also. I've gotta get up there sometime - looks like an awesome body of water to navigate with some fish a bonus.  Many boats on it or is there plenty of space for everyone?

It's definitely worth the hike out there as it's a pretty stunning dam to cruise around on.  When we drove past the camp ground it was loaded with people so we thought it would be busy but it turned out that there were only 3 other boats already in.  Didn't actually see another boat fishing all day so that's always an added bonus!

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16 minutes ago, samsteele115 said:

You can borrow my jitterbug James if I'm closer to you than lance. It is the exact lure I got my first ever lure-caught fish on!

Man everyone's in a sharing and caring mood :lol:.  How would you feel if I lost your lucky lure!?

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