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Borumba Bash


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Luke and I headed up to borumba yesterday in search of some toga, well we found plenty of them, just couldnt manage to get any to the boat. We did manage to find plenty of bass and get them to the boat, along with a nice yella that Luke got. Most of the fish were taken from the edges around lilie beds and laydown snags. Whilst we were right up the end of the dam we had a visit from fisheries, they asked have you got 2 lifejackets.....yes, have you got fishing permits.......yes,can we see them.......no, why........they are in the car. Well you have 2 choices get them or pay a fine, we decided to go all the way back and get them with fisheries following us. I think we will make sure we have them with us from now on.:rolleyes:










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You dont have to have life jackets, unless your boat was registered. But given they gave you the option to go get the permits when they could have just fined you, not the time to argue !


Must have a look and see when mine is due, their "reminder" system is about as trustworthy as a politician.

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Checked runs out in late June,

I usually leave it until I am ready to go to North Pine dam again before renewing, cribs me a few weeks each year :)

So I will be able to do the tagging day and probably renew it sometime in July.

None of the other dams I fish require it.

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