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NPD Forkie Carpet.


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I went to NPD this morning with Chris and things were looking promising on the sounder  but the only problem was that they were all forkies everywhere we pulled up.

We ended up at the far marker for a couple of yellas and assorted bass and spanglies.

Total for the day was

 1 tilapia

6 bass with only  3 being legal and the largest 310mm

4 spanglies and at least 14 forkies

Bit disappointed that I couldnt get Chris onto a decent fish but every time his rod got loaded up it turned out to be another forkie.

Spotted a couple of rusa near where my pots are and the mongrells seem to have eaten half of them as only 6 floats are visible. Will have to check next trip as i did not do any pots as I had plenty of shrimp in my tank at home.








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