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Transducer Problems


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Hey guys.  Put 3hrs on the new boat this weekend.  Been trying to get the transducer positioning correct.  Was reading the bottom up to 50kph but getting a rooster tail straight into the motor cowling.  tried different positions and raised the transducer until the rooster tail stopped but lost the bottom at a lower speed.  I taped up the gap between the bracket and transducer which helped but the cowling was still getting wet.  Im thinking I might lower it again to where I was getting the best reading and put a spray guard above the transducer.  thoughts?? 

do others lose the bottom at a certain speed or if positioned correctly should it read the depth at max. rpm??  had the same transducer in the last boat and it wasn't an issue.  then again max speed in it was 50kph.  this one is pushing 65kph with 2adults and 2 kids.

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