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Micro Jigging For Bass


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Attended day 1 of the tagging weekend today and it definitely didn't disappoint.  At first it wasn't looking great as our gun broke when we were tagging our first bass, then as we were heading back to get a new gun our sheet of paper with all the numbers already written on it blew away.  This meant we had to write these out by hand which was a pain.  The fishing was also a bit slow with only a dozen bass landed before 10am, so at this stage we decided to have a little explore around a few coves chucking lures as we went.  Didn't have any luck doing that so began trolling from point to point and on our way across to a small inlet we saw a few fish on the sounder so thought we might as well have a short jig.  

Well this turned out to be a great decision as a few fish grew by the minute (I wonder if the jigs were attracting them?) and we soon had a monster school of bass under us. They were covering the sounder right from the bottom to the top and every drop I was hooking up on my storm koika micro jig.  Dad was also going well on the ice jigs but the hook up on the micro jigs was great as they were pinned in the corner of the mount each time.  Along with the number of fish growing by the minute, so were the number of boats around us:lol:.  I guess there was enough to share anyway and it's a great feeling when you find them all by yourself.  Considering we didn't have any shrimp we still caught a healthy number of bass and used up all 50 tags.  Well apart from 1 tag however we did catch over 50 bass (they count in our boat even if they fall off as they are being flipped on board:P).  It was a great day and thanks again to everyone who organised it.  Hopefully the wind doesn't get up too much tomorrow or it may be a short session.  Oh yeah, we also got a few forkies around the 60cm mark that really made us think we had the bass of a lifetime!

Check out the sounder:o








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