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Bribie Passage


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11 hours ago, Ryano85au said:

Hi lads,

im hiring a boat at Bribie this Saturday. Taking the boy on a boat for the first time and he really wants to catch a flatty...


anyway anyone able to tell me a few spots where I moaybe in luck?


thanks eyan 


Ningi creek off the passage is a good place to start.

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If you are into soft plastics (or HB`s) go for them, if the young bloke isn`t, it could be a long day for him, as far as dead bait is concerned mullet (leave the scales on) strips , squid strips ( before cutting into strips tenderise it by giving it a few bumps/light bashes (a $3-4 dollar aluminium meat tenderiser from Coles or Woolies is good for this), hardy heads, whitebait, frogmouth pillies.

Buy these from a good bait/tackle store, most servo bait I`ve seen is crap.If you have a yabby pump, White Patch has good areas.


When using bait don`t anchor it to the bottom with too much weight, use only enough sinker weight to get to the bottom, but light enough, when casting up into the current for the current to slowly drift your bait back to the areas you are targeting.

When targeting sand banks/flats on the run out cast up on the bank/flat and working with the run off slowly wind or by lifting the rod, if required,help your bait into the deeper water.

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