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The Boys Big Battle


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Went offshore with my son Brock this morning we found the bay flat and the bar just as good but once offshore we tried looking for live bait but they were very scarce except for a whiptail and 2 yakkas. We sent the whiptail out and it soon got grabbed by something big i could only assume a big kingie or green jobfish as this brute took me in to the reef with out me able to turn him at all.


We started to put some good size moses perch in the box when the next bait out 'which was a slimie mackerel i found in the bag of pillies' got hit, Brock pounced and had a good battle on the spin rod. This fish ran hard and fast Brock was a bit worried we would lose this fish but he handled it well and swam it past the boat for the gaff shot it was a good spanish mack and measured close to 1.3m long. We soon got our bag of moses perch and decided to call it a morning while the weather was still calm for a good run home to, this was a great dry run for the Blakeleys camp next month and to see the spanish on the chew is good to know.



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