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Early Morning On The Run In At Newstead Park


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Fished Newstead park/ breaky creek this morning and had pretty good success. 

High tide was 730 ish so I arrived just before sunrise at quarter to 5 to start fishing the run in. After about 30minutes I got my first hook up onto a fun little 23cm bream.


15 minutes or so later I got another hook up and this time a bigger bream measuring 30cm to the tip, first decent size bream I've caught in this spot in quite some time and it gave a really good fight on the 4lb crystal!



Next couple of casts later and I hooked up again, this time to a decent estuary cod, measuring 30cm also. The bugger took me back to his home pretty quickly but luckily my leader survived as I pulled him out of the snag!



Finished off at Newstead around 800 after catching another small bream and cod.

I was still keen to keep fishing but Newstead had slowed down so I headed upstream a bit to west end. I managed 3 more bream amongst the trees and mangroves, one was just legal at 25cm and the other two were 23 or so.



A good morning of fun catching bream on the atomic hardz!

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1 hour ago, samsteele115 said:

Those atomic hardz are great little lures hey! Awesome session :) 

Yeah I'm quite happy with them. I've always been a big fan of the ecogear sx40's but they aren't always friendly on the budget so I started testing out the atomics. I've been getting lots of hits on both the crank 38 deep and shad 40, but I think I like the crank more than the shad.

I had nothing better to do this morning so i put the time to good use and I had an awesome time!

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15 minutes ago, Do$tylz said:


18 minutes ago, Do$tylz said:

I love a classic river session chasing bream and getting the odd cod. It's funny how many people have no idea it is such a great place to fish and relatively consistent with bream once you know what you're doing.

I've got a few spots that will always produce at the right times/ tides and if I have a morning or arvo free it isn't much of a hassle with travel so I can't pass the opportunity us. 

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