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This is some pics I thought some of you may find interesting.  Last October I went to Ireland with my two kids. This wasn't a fishing trip, but I did manage to wet a line when I could . All of the fishing was done in the general Cork CBD or within a hours drive. 

Carp! They love em over there. They are purposely stocked into loughs (lakes) and are totally protected. They take carp fishing very seriously over there , with some weird set ups used. Crazy line, crazy rods and crazy baits lol.

i used my bass gear with bread lol

saw and caught my first ever brown trout and Atlantic salmon! Both very small but a first for me so was very excited to see them.

i fished for pike also but the locals told me due to the ongoing rain and heavy flow in the rivers I was going to find it tough to catch one. Never saw one. 

Also caught my first Redfin (perch). On a tassie devil of course lol

the saltwater ! 

Again nothing big but was heaps of fun catching fish I had never seen before. 

The locals rave about the mackerel. They fish very heavy bs use multiple hook jigs a bit like our herring jigs.. 

fishing Cork harbour ( second largest in the world they tell me) we caught plenty of mackerel. They seem to be just like our slimeys. The locals couldn't believe that we don't eat them here but use them to catch bigger fish lol. I have most the mackerel away to the old blokes on the jetty. I cut up a few to see what else I could cross of the list.. whiting , coaling and small pollock were thick ! But all very small. 

I love Ireland . And I will be going back to get that pike one day . 

Pic1- the local set ups

pic 2- the local kid

pic3- a stream in Middleton (trout everywhere)




pic7-look a bit familiar 


pic9- my first carp 

pic10-the locals were horrified that I caught it floating bread lol

pic11- something you don't see every day 

pic12- me n kids watching puffins

pic13-nighttime carp was only a few pound off a 300 year record for that lake!

pic14-baby brown

pic15-crabs were annoying in the salt

pic16-bait lol

pic17-Declan  with his first Irish fish

pic18-small pollock 




















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Hmmm.. I think this is actually a minnow and not a stickleback, sorry.. 

the locals use maggots on a tiny hook to catch these minnow then use them for bait for the brown trout . And funnily enough they use them as a dead bait. The locals I saw actually hooked 2 or 3 through the head and fished them in the bottom . 

I do have a pic of a stickleback I caught tho . Will try to find 

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4 hours ago, Do$tylz said:

Hey! Good to see you post James. It's been AGES mate and I hope all is well.

Good to see you got some fishing in on the trip with the kidlets.

Been so AGES! 

All is well tho mate.. new life new times ..  looking forward to catching up with all the crew one day man :)

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