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Pine On Dodgy Prawns

The Mad Hughesy

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Made the last minute call on Saturday morning to fish the Pine river at Petrie in the yaks. It was the first time my fiancé had fished the salt water from her kayak. Being way to lazy to throw plastics or hard bodies I opted for a bag of servo prawns. First bait in the water got smoked instantly…but the fight was very short lived with a big dead weight being dragged up in, first cat fish for the day (many more were landed). Every time I turned around Lauren was fully loaded up on a cat fish which was funny to watch. Its always great to watch a first timer fish from a kayak…it’s not as easy as it looks sometimes


Catch of the day went to Lauren with a nice little flatty. The best I could drag up was an undersized breambo…but hey, just goes to show that servo prawns can still catch fish! It was nice to do some lazy fishing and just soak some baits for 2 hours. Total for the day was 8 catties, 1 flatty and a bream


The trip was nearly a disaster… When we arrived home I started to unpack the car…then it suddenly doomed on me, id left the rods in the grass at the boat ramp! Back in the car and we broke a land speed record to get there to find that they were right where I left them! Thank god, would have been a $400 loss otherwise haha. Lesson learnt



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