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Seqwaterdam Levels


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I noticed earlier that the latest update was at midnight and it is supposed to update every 2 hours. Now it is down not the best time to go down,

Temporarily Unavailable

The website that you're trying to reach is having technical difficulties and is currently unavailable.

We are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix it. Thank you for your patience.



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NPD gone up about half a metre at this point. Dont rely on SEQ Water data, they dont even know what 100% of a dam means.....


Wivanhoe levels


Ewen Maddock levels


North Pine levels


Baroon levels


Somerset levels (Going down, as they are releasing)



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If i remember correctly, the last time we had that boom of redclaw, it was due to waters rising from drought and the redclaw got a good feed of newly submerged greenery. Would this give enough new food to see another mini population explosion? Or did I completely get this wrong?

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