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Offshore Moreton 25/04


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Did a tag team trip offshore with Tugger for Anzac day. Launched from Wello at 4:45am. I had Richard and his cousin Blaire as deckies.

Crossed the non-exsistant bar at first light and set the auto pilot for the 33s. Fished the 33s for 2 or so hours for only 2 Squire. Had a boat shadowing me and kept stopping in front of my drift line. Over his selfish behaviour I headed to the 35s with Tugger following.

Here we scored two more Squires. Fishing was still quiet so while Tugger went in closer, I steamed out tp the 100 - 120mtr contour lines for a search. Followed the lines for an hour with not much ground discovered. My searching ended up taking me past a boat. Turned out to be a fishing charter. He proceeded to get angry at me, yelling and driving dangerously close to me. I hate ********'s. Over his bad behaviour we decided to move in close and ended up at the Rock.

Here we got another 2 Squire and a bunch of Trevs.

Headed back in at 1:30ish. Bar was standing up on the way home with a few boats waiting outside. We took our time and came straight in surfing the waves.

Stopped in the Rous channel for a chat to a mutal mate then all 3 of us headed back to Wello. After we retrived our boats we ran into Madmullet at the ramp along with Straddiebrad. Turned into a good chin wag.

Was a great day out, cheers Tugger!!




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