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Borumba On May Day


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Tika and I shot up to Borumba for saturday and sunday nights, arriving mid afternoon on Sunday with just enough time to set up, grab a heap of firewood, and jump in the boat to set the shrimp traps and have a quick flick. 

Sunday morning proved to be tough fishing. I used the same bloody dog food that I had used previously at Maroon Dam which had accounted for no shrimp at Maroon and a measly 8 shrimp at Borumba. I've since replaced the dog food and shouldn't have that issue in the future. 

Anyway, we fished from 6:30am through the morning using a range of vibes, blades, spinnerbaits, plastics, and jigspins. I lost two good fish which I actually saw smack the lure as I pulled it perpendicular to floating vegetation. I was using a 3" plastic rigged on a jigspin with a weedless hook. I'm not sure why they didn't hook up, but perhaps these things just happen! Weedless hooks can't have helped my case but the area we were fishing required that presentation. We spoke to a number of people who'd had the same results, allbeit landing a few fish. Only one person seemed to have success, pulling 16 bass from the morning on the edges using a lightly weighted, white, spinnerbait. :geek:

We called it quits and saved the few shrimp for the afternoon bite. Back out at 3:00, we quickly found the school in 5.5m of water parallel to the submerged weed beds. I wish I had a photo of the school on the sounder as they were absolutely stacked! Tika and I split the shrimp, (four each) and quickly boated 6 bass ranging from 21-32cm. The highlight was Tika's 38cm, of all things, caught on her bassman spinner! A long cast and slow wind did the damage. 

Packed up early on Monday morning and dashed home to unpack, beating the traffic, and home in time to watch the footy. 


Thanks for reading :425_rugby_football:







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