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Damaged Prop.


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Hi all, Damaged the prop on my 15HP Mercury, hit something submerged on the dam,

suspect it was a piece of timber/log in 40 feet water.

Got pieces missing on the edges of 2 blades, pics probably don't 

show it up as well as looking at it..

How much damage can a prop take before it's out of balance.

Should I buy new prop or can I use this one safely.



Damaged prop


Prop 1

Prop 2

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Hey Gary. Photos didn't work. Bloody computers! 

I am sure if the prop was un balanced you'd feel it. I've had one prop like this. If you can't feel vibrations, I'd say you're safe. Still get it fixed though. Props places, depending on damage can fix for you.

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Hi all, Took boat to Townsville today to get prop

looked at and for piece of mind had marine mechanic look at it 

to make sure no damage done to gearbox.

All's well. they checked internals and fitted new prop.:ausflag:

So all's good for trip in 2 weeks, see if I can find some more




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