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A Different Way To Catch A Flatty


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I fished the Toorbul Monthly Fishing Comp with 2 of my kids this morning.  I had a bit of a sleep in and hit the water around 6:30.   Fished around Hussey Ck in the Passage and really struggled to find fish.  My son got 2 legal bream and 2 whiting and my daughter caught a mixed bag of undersize fish.  The kids had enough at 9, so took them back to the ramp and headed out solo.  First cast and i pick up a little bream.  As i pulled him out of the mangroves he gets smashed by a brown shape which knocks him out of the water.  It took me a few seconds to realise it was flatty.  I stopped the retrieve and the flathead came back and smashed the bream again.  It was a nervous few minutes as i tried to get the flathead who was only attached by the bream in its mouth to the boat.  Somehow it didn't let go and I was able to net both of them.  Picked up another legal bream and it was time to head to the weigh-in.  Suprisingly not much was weighed in 



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