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NPD 24/7/17 Lures Reign Supreme.


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After being trounced by a couple of the lure fishos you have to wonder.

On the way back to the ramp we were told by another fisho that he had caught over 40 bass and every one was over 40 cm and then when we got back to the ramp we found that Dino had also cleaned up on quality fish.

We may have has the numbers with 51 bass and a yella but wellover half of the bass were under 30cm and the largest was only 43cm.

It was all Chrises fault:devil:

Mark and I had 20 odd fish on the counter to Chrises donut when he produced a BANANA .

After a spirited conversation about what no bananas means and several bananas being consigned overboard he actually started to catch a few fish.

Mark had a bit of fun bringing up a quite large eel that was released.

Worse day we have had on the dam for a long time but I blame it on the bananas:D



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