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Nathan Scott

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Hi all,

I am in Mooloolaba for a week at the moment. Wondering if there is some good land based fishing to be had? I generally like throwing a few plastics around. Flew up here without a rod so if it is worthwhile i will find one somewhere and get into it for a few days. 

Any help appreciated.



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Good off the rock wall on the eastern side around dusk.  you will get bream, tailor, trevally, flathead and whiting and occasionally mac tuna, school mackeral and bonito come in close to the wall as well.  generally fish with half pilchards, peeled prawns or mullet fillet. not the easiest place to throw plastics around, definitely worth having a flick with a metal lure for a pelagic though.


As far as flathead go, as @ellicat said the maroochy river generally works better than the mooloolah, there are a heap of sand flats on the outside of chambers island that you can wade towards the bottom of the tide.  target any of the drop offs/edges where current is running off the banks into deeper water in the last of the outgoing tide.  I like the Z-man 3.5" minnow-z (paddle tail), i find opening night is a great colour when the water is clear.  if the water is murky electric chicken is a good colour.  usually use 1/4oz jighead, will drop to 1/6oz as the tide slackens.  also mworth a look around an area called the sandbags near the mouth.

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