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North Pine Dam Boating Permits Now Available


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I am a lazy bugger so have just copied and pasted an email from the PRFMA.

If anyone wants any more info or a trip to have a look around give me a ring 0403072325 or pm me. I am normally there Sundays and Mondays and Wednesdays  and quite often have a spare seat.






The fishing on Lake Samsonvale via the PRFMA Boating Access Scheme (BAS) has been exceptional this year – Listed here-under is an extract from Nugget Outdoors Aug 4 Weekend Fishing Report


NPD is still the record breaker – I’ve said this before – it is the best bass impoundment in Qld if not Australia during Winter – cricket score catches are common for both live shrimp and lure anglers.
Hinze Dam is slow, you’ll work hard all day for a dozen or so bass.
Same story at Somerset and Wivenhoe, there are fish being caught if you find them on your sounder first and convince them to play the game, catches blind trolling has been very slow. http://nuggetoutdoors.com.au/fishing-reports/


Applications for a Boating Access Scheme Permit 2017/18 are now being accepted.

Details can be found on our Web Site       http://www.prfma.com.au

Applications can be made via the Boating Access Scheme page       http://www.prfma.com.au/boating-access-scheme

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