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Why Does This Make Me Happy?


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After re positioning my Furuno P66 transducer 4 times and researching transducer positions it looks like I may have finally got right.

At slow speeds never a problem but at high speed planing the bottom reading was not solid with gaps in the return.

Finally with an early morning test on the Pine river today I think I have it. Will have to test it in choppy conditions to be sure.

Just in time for 1770 if the weather plays nice. Even the Lowrance totalscan transducer was reading in the glass conditions at over 60mph.



Don't know if the video is in the right format, but the photo tells the story anyway.



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The problem I was having was if the nose was down cutting through the chop or on smooth conditions the reading would not be good unless I raised the nose. Good for the sounder reading but not good for the ride.

Hopefully I have found the sweet spot, allowing the boat to run at speed and still pick up the bottom in all conditions. 

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