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Fresh In The Freshwater Of Lake Borumba

Luke Landrunner

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After pedalling the yak around parts of the Noosa system for the last year, I finally tried something new and went 30 minutes the other direction to the beautiful  Borumba. 

First session was last Saturday. Stubbornly I went out with less than favourable conditions. Only having two "shower proof" Broncos training jackets didn't keep the constant drizzle from soaking me through. Although I persisted through from a 4am start to around 8, all I had was a few bumps on the spinner bait and blades that I was throwing around. 

Not to be deterred, I did my homework ( old Borumba reports and tips on here ) and had another window of Thursday and Friday. Armed with a couple of jitterbugs ( thanks @aussie123) and some purple blades as well as specific plastics, I was set to pop my freshwater yak cherry.

With much better weather on Thursday first light, a regular pointed out at the ramp where the Saratoga had been close by. So over I pedalled to spot X,Y & Z. About 15 minutes in I had my first surface strike and wow what a strike it was. Unfortunately no hookup but it got the heart racing. 

Being addicted to surface lures in the salt, I cast a hundred more times for naught. 

Time to move and drop the blades. 

By now it was about 7.30 and I was getting a few half hearted hits and the weed was getting on my nerves, time was running out to get home for the first ball of the Ashes.The duck was broken with a 27cm bass and first fish from the fresh. Friday was now on my mind. 

Arriving to another beautiful morning I had decided to explore a bit further from the ramp. Surface activity constantly had me looking around. The lure, or where I was throwing it, was attracting no interest  so I decided to pedal about a K from the ramp. Finding some flowering bottlebrush trees that were at the waters edge ( another tip) I had six hits in the next 45 minutes in different spots for no result. Finally on the seventh hit a Saratoga was pinned under the chin !

Although there was no aerial acrobatics my first Toga was netted, measured, photographed (badly) and with shaking hands released safely back to grow from its 55cm. About twenty casts later it was time to move on and go underwater. With my sounder playing up and not reading bottom every few minutes ( @Luvit do you want another transducer project?) a rather small bass with eyes bigger than its belly had a chew on the purple blade.

With the weed and malfunctioning finder giving me the Sh!ts and my Toga cherry popped, it was off the water and back to the cricket. 



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On 25 November 2017 at 9:26 PM, kmcrosby78 said:

Great report Luke and congrats on the first toga (and bass). Is the bad pic worth sharing? Pretty lucky to have an option like that within a 30min drive.

Thanks mate, the pick needs to be reduced in file size and the computer tech has been busy with work and another reason my profile pick hasn't changed for a while....

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On 26 November 2017 at 11:32 AM, Drop Bear said:

Nice report Luke. Thats a really cool tip about the flowering bottlebrush. There are heaps of "Washing Beatles" around at the moment and I wonder if these are eaten when they fall into the water? That would make a fun day fly fishing!

Glad you got a toga. I am yet to get one :)

Found that one on Tackle Tactics site. 

As I came in on Friday a bloke was going out for a fly fish. 

We will meet up there one day soon and get you onto a Toga. :1312_thumbsup_tone3:

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5 hours ago, Luke Landrunner said:

They worked well and had six seperate hits and misses before success. 

Love their action and noise they make. 


Yes they are one of the best surface lures ever made.

Upgrade the hooks and try them on the cod, they love them too but they can rip the hooks out if fishing too hard with them.

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