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86 Left Them Biting


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Great morning out at NPD, Willy weather got it wrong again and lucky we had some wind to cool things down as it got hot very early. Headed off to the weed edges where I found zilch, as the sun was up early the bass remained hidden in amongst the weed,I'll have to wait for an overcast day. Managed to pick quite a few up trolling down the dam that were sitting very deep.

I then decided Ray cant have all the fun catching them on bait, so stopped at the first spot and managed 20 fairly quickly. I then set off trolling to the next spot, in amongst having a feed I noticed a good school on the sounder, so pulled up and sent a few fish finders down and it was full on for awhile. Good to see the numbers returning.










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26 minutes ago, Dinodadog said:

Strangely I do, wheather they are right or not is another matter:lol:

Most of the bass feed on the boney bream out at NPD and as we are restricted to a certain area if the boney bream move off into a area we are not allowed in we are left with the straglers until they return.


ok nice. Is there any chance of that water opening up? The grass (or water) is always greener haha. 

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