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Arvo Delight


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Delight was catching bass, otherwise it was a bit of pain to gain some from the rain.I thought I would go for a walk as the wind was up to much for a boat trip, picked a spot where the wind would be over my shoulder, this saves the effort I have to use to cast and saves my back, well it does if you dont keep trying to cast further each time, old habit.

Anyway the fishing was great, no monsters but a steady flow of dark colored weed dwellers. Rain was light to start with and I kept dry with only a spray jacket and not a proper rain coat (lightweight ) I could make out the weed about 7m in front me and this is where most hookups came from. I knew it was to good to last as the heavens opened up and down come the rain. It was a long 2k back to the car carrying the extra weight of being drenched.Managed to get a few pics each time the rain stopped.








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Better than sitting at home but I must admit it had a very successful day reading a book and avoiding thinking about what jobs need doing at home.

If i do think of something I normally put it off to the next day to review if it really is necessary as I would hate to run out of things to do.

Hopefully the weather will clear up the next day and I can do more important things like going fishing.



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