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Saved By The Sandies

Old Scaley

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Had a quick solo fish around the high tide. Plan was to drop the pots for some sandies, then look around for some prawns, but not a serious look because I was on my own. Thought I would throw some plastics while the pots were soaking. Only thing was the fancy bag I keep the plastics in had a salted up zipper and I had taken the inox out of the boat yesterday somI was left  with the one already on the rod. I snagged that one on the third cast so back to the drawing board. Did a bit of trolling with hard bodies for no touches and tried out the paravane along the shipping channel, again for no result but I did learn a bit about how to adjust the depth it runs at so that was good. 

Wind and chop got up a little bit so picked up the pots. Heaps of sandies in there for  such a short soak with 5 good keepers so overall not a bad couple of hours on the water.


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