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brisbane river slab of gold

Thorbjorn Hale

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On 08/08/2023 at 11:33 PM, Thorbjorn Hale said:

Hi guys, I haven't posted a session report in a while so i thought I would do my latest session and a few highlights from these past months of fishing. The fishing these past few months started off well, with lots of jewies about and a bunch of good size snapper. These 2 past months have been very slow for getting bait during the day and I think i've only caught one herring on a sabiki since. 

I rocked up to the local around 8:30pm for a small session. There were 3 blokes fishing, all with frowns on their faces i'm guessing they were not enjoying their fishing trip. They told me there was no bait around and they had begun packing their equipment up. I gave the net about 10 throws before I gave up and waited for the tide to run again- about 15 minutes. By that time the blokes had gone home and I had the jetty to myself, I gave the net a throw and the prawns had completely turned on and I was getting about 2 or 3 per cast. I casted these out on all 3 rods and cracked open a solo. About 20 minutes and a bait change later, a family who I have met previously came to the jetty to see if i had caught any fish or prawns. They were mesmerised by the prawns and were talking to me about if i had caught any fish when I heard the bell on the tip of my rod start ringing, i ran over the to the rod and it started screaming. I picked it up and clicked the bait runner into gear, the fish must have turned around because I thought it might be a small jewfish or a snapper. Th e fish charged the jetty and it was only when I saw it surface that I realised it was massive. As soon as I caught a glimpse of it it took off, peeling probably 30 metres of line from my reel. It started heading for the jetty which I had to quickly put a stop to. After 3 or 4 more smaller runs and a terrifying run in with a pylon and a crab pot rope I pulled it into the safety of the dilly which I promptly lifted up onto the jetty. It was a massive thready, it looked like a new PB


. I quickly snapped a few photos, gave it a measure and a tag and then ran with it my arms down to the rocks at the bottom of the jetty. I was wading waist deep in the river trying to revive it but it had swallowed the hook, lost a few scales and had pretty severe barotrauma so it wasn't looking good for her. I swam her for 10 minutes but after a failed release attempt and an unsuccessful venting job using a tagger I knew it was going to come home for dinner. 

It was sad not being able to release it but I knew that they tasted great so I wasn't too sad. I stayed fishing for about an hour longer and managed to pickup a new PB bream of 37cm and a really fat catty.


I was supposed to be home by 1130  but I ended up getting home at 1140 and my parents were not too happy with me going out to the servo to get ice haha. Overall it was a really enjoyable nights fishing and it made some very tasty sashimi the next day. 

All the fish were caught on live prawns, the tide was the bottom of the incoming, the moon phase was 60% waning gibbous, the water was reasonably clear


I will leave some highlights of the past few months of fishing at the bottom



Well done @Thorbjorn Hale, good post, you've got some good fish there!

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