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36 minutes ago, Huxstang said:

Very nice.  Throwing 100-200gm lures for a few hours will certainly give his shoulders a good work out 

More of a case of coming across a school on the surface and having a few casts while out wide trolling for marlin. The rod is actually quite light overall - it’s the reel that will be a killer - weighs almost as much as a Nokia 5110

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2 hours ago, Neil Stratford said:

Very nice work on the binding and components ,  those saragosa’s are a tough reel ,pity they’re so dam heavy

Website says 960g without braid so definitely around the 1kg mark

Ive got a 6k (first SW model) and a 10k (latest SW model) and they are tuff as nails. much nicer to use than the old Penn spinfishers!

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1 hour ago, mangajack said:

Good work Andrew.

Nice selection of components and finishing.

Thanks MJ. I use a range of high quality blanks and components from various companies and Australian retailers. For this build the Samurai blank/Fuji components were preferred. At AFTA last year i was able to pull on the SB6 (PE 4-6) and SB8 blanks as well as fully built Samurai rods built on the same blanks. I'll be building the SB6 for my own use soon, matched to a gosa 10k and 40lb tasline. i'd be well over the 100 rods built since i started in 2020 - as they say, the first 100 are the hardest!

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