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Mega Bulls


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Sure reckon we should Angus;) Dunno how we would ever land em though!

But yeah I've heard many stories of 6 footers up my way, but never seen proof of one quite that big. That said I reckon you could give youself a chance by keeping a big live cattie out to tempt to big boys, but focus with smaller baits for the run of the mill sharks:)

I bought this telephone pole style surf rod a few months back to help launch big baits for that reason.

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Sweet mate.

We should orgnanise a Kookooburra park trip soon i reckon if your keen.

All nighter on a friday or sat. Im not working sats for a few months so want to get some more fishing in. Shultzy has caught some in the mid 5 foot range around there. But like you i have heard a lot but seen no pics about 6 footers. The one in teh gallery on this site of Shultzy is right at the park tehre. How big do you reckon that would be? Easy 5 but 6?


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Angus: I think the one that his lad has is bigger (very first pic in gallery), look how fat it is and the size of its head! I would probably call it for 5, but also bare in mind that the tail actually angles back along the edge of the boat; its not square on to the camera so maybe even 5.5? :blink: But I guess Neil Schultz could tell you for sure!

As for a big night sharking at Kookaburra? Hell yeah! It would probably be best to give it a couple of weeks to get past this cold spell (we are still getting down to 7 at night out here). Its insane, I want hot weather!:evil:

Kookaburra is easier to fish at night than the Junction too as the gates get locked there, which is really annoying when you have a lot of gear.

Oh if you don't allready have it you should make yourself some rod spikes, unless you wanna hold your rod allnights:sick:



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