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manly today with nabs and tim


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Well I went fishing again, but today I went with Nabs and Tim. I got there early and my 3rd cast got a Jewfish about 50-60cms, but when trying to lift him up to the pontoon he shook his head and dropped off :( . After Tim and Nabs rocked up we went to ‘Spot X’.

I only got one fish when Tim was fishing with us. Once he left all the action started. I got a few Bream and Trevally.

Then we went to the last spot that was holding good Bream last time we came. First cast Nabs says, ‘I’m on I’m on’. He got the Bream out from the structure and it was a 40cm + Bream, but he dropped the Bream. Poor Nabs :( .

Next cast for Nabs and his line went screaming off it didn’t stop after about a 1minute fight he brought the fish up to the surface and the big 60cm+ Big Eye Trevally went for one last run and rubbed him on a pylon :( .

About 15 minutes later my line went for a huge run, look about 30m of line out and then it spat the hook :( . donno what the fish was :(

Final tally for the day:

Ando: 5 fish landed; 3 Bream, a small G.T. and a Moses Perch.

Nabs: 0 fish landed.

Tim: 0 fish landed.

new tally for our little comp

Ando 3 win

Nabs 3 wins

Troy 2 wins

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hmm...sure was an interesting day..

So many dropped fish.. 2 casts.. 40cm+ bream and next cast a masive trev.. wish i landed em..:(

Also managed to hurt my ankle pretty bad..i'll be out of action for a while..:(

Still was a fun day.. I can still here the drag on our reels going zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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