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James W

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hey guys........can anyone tell me where i should go fishing while im at north straddie for the fist time? il only be armed with some flick stix so the surf and the hardcore rocks will be a no goer for me......would love to get some flattys,tailor and a trev.....any ideas? oh and if you know where the squid hide over there that wouold be awesome! id hate to be there for 7 days and not get anything!

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Ah mate.

Straddie is my home gorund.

I have fished it with John and my dad 100 times.


Amity = Tailor, Grassy Sweetlip, Squire, Bream and ever land based Tuna!

Cylinder Beach = Shite loads of whiting and very good flathead in the lond gutter there. I have never used lures or plastics but i reckon youd clean up there.

Dune Rocks (the rocks in between Deadmans Beach and Frenchmans Beach) = Jewies, Silver Trevs, My dad nailed a good Golden there as well, Dart, Bream, Tarwhine, Morwong. John Petrie and i have absolutely cleaned up there some days.

Point Lookout (although these rocks look hardcore man the south side is always flat as a tack. Very safe) = Yellow Tail King, Snapper, Cobia, Shite loads of Trevally (all types), Tailor, Huuuuuge bream and much much more.

I always use Beach worms and Eugaries i catch myself.

Mate with your lure skills youll clean up for suuuuuuure.


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Im no straddie expert, but ive never been through the Dunwich car ferry stop without seeing at least one dude jigging for squid right off the jetties. One night I had a practically begging to buy a jig off me if i had one. Unfortunately for him I didn't...

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