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Baroon Pocket 29th October


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Well, im working Saturdays again.

Yay to six days a week.

No complaints.

What im complaining about is not fishing in 3 weeks!!!

Anyway to rectify this James and I are hitting up Baroon Pocket Dam again this sunday (the 29th October).

Should be a good day. We have some good spots susses now to spend more time on.

Target Species: Well obviously bass. But we are both gunned up to try for a big yella or cod. We have personal accounts of both species, and not just random heresay. And the best thing about the yellas is, they were last stocked in 1992! So whatever population is left (with all the spangled perch to feed on) must be maaaaaasive!!!

We also found some decent wood, in allowed areas, we are very keen to try for Cod. A lot of people always say they never catch cod, but do they use appropriate large lures? Anyway we shall see what happens.

Anyone is welcome to join us. Just remember, only electric or paddle based boats are allowed. In my case paddle.

Good luck to everyone on the weekend whatever they might be doing.

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Bummer eh?

Well Ferg and I will be going, probably aim to get there at 7:00am, we want to launch from the Maleny end. We will have the small boat, and will fish the eastern arm, so dont want to tackle the Main Dam expanse in the 7 1/2 footer! probably call it a day about 11:00am.

Note I have been banned by she who must be obeyed from taking camera or anything else worth anything from the small boat. She reckons it is only a matter of time I lose something over the side!

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Andrew thanks for that.

I knew it was deep but i had no idea.

I reckon if there are Yellas or Cod anywhere thats got to the place.

Next time i go there i going to actively try with some bigger and deeper lures.

James mate, dont worry. Baroon is one dam i dont think will dry up for a while :)


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