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Sounder+GPS combo from US


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There is some serious money to be saved. Just be aware that if the value of the article plus the postage costs exceeds $1000 Au you will have to pay gst on the total. If the price is close to $1000 you can ask the seller to send and invoice the transducer seperatly but the extra postage may negate the saving.

About 2 months ago furuno australia had some good deals going plus $100 cash back which made the prices very competetive with the usa ones.

They will work fine over here but a lot of the USA soursed ones have their measurements in imperial for the depth and temperature readings. If you look around they also have what they call an international model that you can alter to metric.

Check the warrantys as humminbird and lowrance and eagle you have to return to USA for service.

I think that navman will honour the warranty in Australia. Furuno used to but I think that they may have stopped.

If you dont wish to risk buying on ebay I have found Hodges Marine and Fishon to be good to deal with and sometimes better prices.

Have a look on ausfish there is heaps of info there and Fishon is one of their sponsors.



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Dunno, got the Garmin bluewater maps for my GPS, was supposed to be the full country, but when I tried to install them I could only pick west or east coast, and once I installed one I had no access to the other - rip off mongrels!

Then to boot they were absolutely piss poor maps, the standard road maps showed more detail of rivers and inlets! Awoonga was not even on the map!

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I bought a Garmin GPS map76sxc off jandhproducts.com and paid for an extended warranty too. The east coast charts (from ailing memory) was $180.

I can't recall ever hearing of any units stuffing up, but there's sure to be the odd one. I reckon for the saving it's worth the risk. Mine worked out to be less than half price, so if you are prepared to pay the dollars they're asking here you could maybe buy two units from there.

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Hi All

Just need some advice?

I was told today that the Humminbird 383C Fishfinder Combo comes with a Uni Map. The question is that a GLOBAL map and if I purchased it off the net from the US would it show Brisbane river/Australian detail or not.

The 383C has a less powerfull output 300 Watts RMS power output compared to the 777c2 Fishfinder @ 500 Watts RMS) power output.

My take is the 777c2 at $431.56 US is an awesome bit of kit and my plan was to run it with a stand alone hand held GPS.

The 383c might be worth considering if the Uni map is a "global map" per say?

Any advice would be great.


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I bought a lowrance lms525 on ebay from a usa seller when the aus$ was at 95c, unit was good but did have rather old software which I was able to upgrade free, the global map that is installed only shows land and water no detail for aus . I bought navionc maps on ebay from a brisbane seller, great detail. If it was me and budget was limited I would look at picking up a good 2nd hand unit to get the better quailty and maps included .

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