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Posting this around to get everyones 2 cents

Hi guys i have a week booked at xmas looking to do some fishing and family stuff when the winds up :D :D

Well the big question for me is do i buy an EPIRB or not the help i need is if you where me

Boat: a 5m CC clark 1980s hull with an 1997 50hp

1. Ok if you guyS where me would buy an epirb because there is some good reefs more than 2km

2. No need good fishing in close reefs

3. Boat not safe for offshore just fish the clarence

Thanks for help cheers

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Mate I know bugger all about offshore down there. Buuuuuuut.

If the weather is bad, i reckon its one of teh best spots estuary wise. When I was there i was totally green at flatty fishing and with just frozen prawns I have still never beaten my sessions there.

We stayed for 1 week and I caught without really trying stacks of flatties, big whiting and tailor.

The local Oysters are also cheap and fantastic :)


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I would get an EPIRB

watching that show " Fishin Trip " they fish out of Yamba a bit ( Yamba Sports Fishing Adventures.

I remember seeing a show they were chasing Snapper, there were plenty of open runabout in the back ground.

Not sure how far offshore they were but for the sake of $400 its cheap insurance for an area you know little about

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The way I read his post was that he was potentially going to be travelling more than 2kms offshore in an area that he doesn't know. Common sense makes the decision for you!!

If you have ever been in a boat that has sunk or been in a situation where you've needed urgent medical assistance, you'll realise just what sort of insurance you are getting when you have an EPIRB on board.

Given that the original poster has asked EVERYONE for their 2 cents, I've given mine, twice now! Does that mean I've posted 4 cents worth...??

Shorty :)

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