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Friday night bull shark


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Raby Bay

I headed out Friday night just got the new bait caster from mo tackle. Picked up a small white popper form anaconda earlier on in the week and wanted to give it a go as I always see baitfish getting chased but am unable to land whatever is chasing them on bait.( I spoke to a local Saturday and he said he has managed to catch some small salmon and queen fish on pink poppers from the point where I fish on low tide I might give it a go on the weekend but that’s another story).

I had no luck at high tide with the popper so I changed rig to try and catch a bream a mate had already landed a couple and was starting to rub it in. was getting a few bites on half a pillie when after about 30 min something took my bait and was moving around knew he was hooked so I gave a jerk of the rod and it took off spooled about 80m on my bait caster before It bit threw only had 10lb mono leader. After about 2 min of cursing myself for not running a heavier leader I started to re rig my line when my 2nd rod went off this time there was no getting away 30lb mono with 80lb leader

Put up about 10 min fight (skull dragged him in) I let him tire out in the shallows where I could see him and keep him where I wanted, it was a small bull shark.

I had been trying to catch one for months but it has been a bit cold but I finally got lucky, I gave the rod to my fishing mate and climbed down the rocks and tried to grab his tail to bring him up for a photo and he seemed to want to bite me and after a couple of shakes he had spat the hook, I had to make the decision that it would only hurt him if I tried to persist with dragging him up for a photo and he seemed to want to eat my fingers and I wanted them more than a photo of him. So I tipped him tack into the water with the butt of my rod.

So I was left with nothing but the story of catching my first bull shark in Brisbane.

We stayed around for a bit longer at the point but caught nothing else mate got busted off buy a big leopard shark think about 5 foot long about a foot and a half bigger than my bull.

Was a good night and I will be heading back to chase more bulls and to try and catch one of these Queenies?

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I posted this image a while back raby-bay.jpg

these are the spots I go at Raby bay the red dot on the top right I have had the most success but its really hit or miss some days its good other bad I think I have to pay more attention to the tides moon etc my old man will be getting a boat soon...

so I think ill be doing allot more exploring

i only had my phone to take pics so i couldn't get one at the rocks with the bad light unfortunately.

but the is always next time

i am going to have to find a good spot to get live bait as the one spot where i had the left top yellow dot had not given me anything since the first time i went there and got some herring.

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