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Tally Creek


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Its taken some time but the Trev numbers are getting more consistant.

I have fished a few mornings this week and the best for one morning has been 4 Trevs landed in the half hour they bite for.

Its only cost me plenty in lures but the 4 lbs leader has been replaced with 8 lbs and it hasnt affected the catch rate.

Small clear H/B's have been the winner, long casts and slowly rolling them back

sx 40's in 307, Tiemco Shallow Peppers all work but the most productive has been Strike Pro Pigmy 11 [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/t1_AFO.jpg

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badboygibbo wrote:

What other species do you get from there?? ive seen people catch mangrove jack, cod, bream, BIG flathead, BIG whiting and few others.(all from the bridge)


Had another crack last night for a few hours, Hooked a few Tarpon but they go nuts and throw the Hooks.

Will post pics later, plenty of Flatties, Bream. Saw a Hefty Bullie the other morning aswell

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Leighton wrote:

The Trevs come from one of the Bridges just off Tally Creek. They bust up every morning regardless of tide but you have to be early, they are gone by 4:45am

The Flatties and Bream are further up stream

first and second canal on the south side of the creek bridges down tallebudgera drive was allways a good dawn raid for trevs and queenies

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