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new small reel

jeff f

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well after 5 years of heavy use and abuse my little mitchell 500 avocet ultra light reel has died:( this little reel only held 125 m of 2lbs crystal with no backing and had some serious mojo including a 124cm threadfin

i will miss it greatly and don't know what to replace it with

cant afford to spend alot of money

any recomendations

not interested in shimano thier cheaper reels are crap

this was supposed to be a new thread dont know how it wound up here

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Hey Jeff

I love the shimano baitrunner reels,but they are big,so i now use the okuma travertine reels in the 45 size,i find them ok.My mother is coming over from the uk next week with 2 size 30 reels so we will see how we go.On ebay uk i got the 2 for 85 bucks with spare spools.

Go have a look Jeff ,but its a personall thing.



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badboygibbo wrote:

Those reels do look good for the price. When you say the shimano cheapies, what price are you talkin about as cheap? What would you compare the mitchell to in more well known brands over here (Performance wise)?


there price comparison is to bottom of the barrel shimanos when i bought the reel 5 yrs ago i paid $38 for it at charltons

shimano dont make any thing this small the 500 size is half the size of the smallest shimano

i use this reel on a 5' 1-3lbs microlight rod

its my go to outfit for freeswimming small livey or chucking small plastics and hbs

if i bring one in from the usa the price falls somewhere between a slade and sienna( both crap)

these things are heaps better built no wobbles smooth drag and can take a beating

the reason for the post was to see if anyone knows of other brands that makes someting this small that was anygood

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