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Shark fishing


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Hello community,

I live now since 6 month in Australia it's time now to cast a line for sharks. I did some fishing in Euope and I'm not a beginnner but the fish here in Australia are different. Thats why i write here. If someone goes for a fishing trip in or around Brisbane and is happy to show a rookie some tricks, let me know!

Have a good week!


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Mate I will let you know next time im heading out. In regards to shark fishing, they are always around, but summer is when they will fire up again.

Checking this section of the site is a good way to keep in touch with people offering spots on boats etc.

You may also be interested in the upcoming "Winter Camp". This will be a great place to meet local fisher people and get some great fish! Details for this event are on the front page.

Thats a nice pike in your profile picture. Eurpean pike are awesome! I had the chance to target them when I was living in Scotland but never managed to bag one.

Welcome to the site and I hope you get the information you require.


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