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Sat 3rd briz river


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Went out to the mouth of the river sat night. Not allot of action. Managed to get a decent ammount of herring for livies and a couple large mullet that were shark bait but no takers. Got the usual Ray and shovel nose but about midnight. The herring were getting smashed by large carries without exadurating pulling about 20-30m in the first run on my bait caster and one almost spooled me about 5 turns left till the knot. Had one on the heavy gear and dragged him to the boat and when he got the light on him pulled about 10m with the drag tight was impressive. They ranged in size but I would say 45 to 55 the avarage made for some fun at the end to a slow night. I was excited waiting for the next to come along. Catfish ....... On crack.

Photos to come if I can get them from my mate

forgot to mention the wind was a bitch!!

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