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early xmas present


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Do$tylz wrote:

looks beautiful Eugene :).. don't forget a pic of the rod too... whats the colour scheme on the rod??

Strewth! The younger generation, what have they come to - listening to music and dancing on boats, watching the foxtel music channel, now a bloke says he is getting a new rod, and you ask about the colour scheme.... not what size it is, or the length, but what colour it is..... :pinch:

ok, I'm off to the retirement home to find some real fisho's!

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haha feral we all know henry is all about style, he's even got speed flames on his boat!

rod will be around 6'6 and 8-20lb medium action. it's very light and going to be used primarily for snapper/thready jigging.

current run down on the reel is:

* Line Capacity (mono code) 8lb 200m, 12lb 150m, 16lb 100m

* Max Drag 7.0kg

* Bearings (Ball/Roller) 9/1

* Gear Ratio 4.8:1

* Retrieve 71cm

* Weight 265g

* Made in Japan

[img size=400]http://www.cleaveware.com/north-one/ebay/img/B/B371_1.jpg

[img size=400]http://www.cleaveware.com/north-one/ebay/img/B/B371_2.jpg

[img size=400]http://www.cleaveware.com/north-one/ebay/img/B/B371_3.jpg

[img size=400]http://www.cleaveware.com/north-one/ebay/img/B/B371_4.jpg

[img size=400]http://www.cleaveware.com/north-one/ebay/img/B/B371_5.jpg

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ahaha... but look at the reel Feral..its got colour. You can't get a sweet grey pin-stripe suit and wear a pair of white sneakers. Your sneakers might be awesome but if the colours don't fit... you ain't gonna pick up :P

the moment a custom made St Croix rod is mentioned, I had a feeling it'd be a well matched rod :)

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