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Dutton Park 14th May


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Well on my way home from uni I had a tect from 51MPL.

"We have fish but no camera".

So what sort of person would I be if I didnt stop in and take some happy snaps.

Oh there is a story of an epic fight with a huge flatty but ill let 51MPL tell that one.

Picture: Sam with a nice bream.

. sam1.jpg

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I drive past there every day and I gotta say, after the floods its looks pretty bloody fishy. The Uni side bank ( whats left of it ) has some awesome snags now and image the rock and rubble sitting on the bottom on the uni side. Up the river a bit opposite the tennis centre is snag heaven now. If the water ever gets back to been normal I know where the jacks might be. Where the hell is the nearest open boat ramp ? Long pocket is still closed.

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