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Beejays MBC


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Well, myself and my mate Zack were on the water around 8.30pm friday night and decided to anchor up out the front of Manly until about 3am and come in to sign in for the comp at 4am.

We came in and got our numbers from Angus, was nice to meet one of the AFO guys face to face then we headed of about 4.30 am to start our day.

I headed straight over to Peel Island and we fished the southwest rocks for about an hour but only got a couple of really small squire and some small cod.

From there I shot over to Dunwich and tried to get some fish around the pilons and rock walls close to where the barge comes in on the right hand side.

I had a couple of massive runs on pilchards, missed the first 2 which were probably related to Tomcas Kingfish....lol and the 3rd was a ginourmous stingray :angry:

From there we went up and down the rainbow channel a few times on the drift with bait and plastics, we had a few bites but didnt get anything.

Decided then to head over to Harry Atkinson Reef and there was quite a few boats around over there and the weather was nice and sunny now.

We got alot of small squire between 15-25cms but nothing worth the effort of a photo.

From there we decided to take the boat back to Manly, get some more fuel, go back to my place for a feed and a coffee and then we were gonna put the boat back in at colmslie and spend saturday night up the mouth of the river.

That plan got cut short when we got back to my place on satdy arvo because my poor mum was having a heart attack as we arrived back at my place, so my MBC had to finish there. :(

The good news is my mum is okay and recovering in the PA Hospital, so thats a relief. :)

It was a shame cos we were really keen to fish the river mouth and catch something decent for the weigh in on sunday but it wasnt to be.

I was really looking forward to Sunday and meeting a few more of the guys of the forum.

So just would like to apologise for not being there on Sunday and I would have been if I could off. Thanks to Tugger for the PM on Friday and sorry I missed it mate, because we were already out on the water.

Hopefully the next trip will be better...cheers guys Beejay :)

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