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Carp Rigs, bait and techniques

Mr FeLiX

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Morning all,

I've found a spot near my place that seems to have a large population of carp and I'm chasing a few tips on how to get connected to a few.

I'm aware they are vermin and can't be released, so that isn't an issue. I've tried the usual baits of bread and corn, but it seems the small mullet pick the bread from the hook before the larger Carp and Tilapia can get to it.

I try to do my bit whenever I can, so any tips on how i can remove a few of these vermin from the rivers would be appreciated.


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mate i fish for them quite reguarly

although they are bottom feeders they definitely come up to the surface to feed i have caught loads of my biggest carp this way i use a float to aid in the casting and grap a piece of bead around the size a bit bigger than a 50cent piece and fold it over and thread a small hook through it a couple of times and use a gentle cast and let the mullet hit it and just wait because a carp will come up eventually

otherwise i use a ball of bread 10cent piece under a float i vary the depth whether they are on the bottom midway etc i usually burley em up with loating bits of bead

p.s if the mullet are hitting your bread on top and it sinks leave it i have caught a few carp like this who swim (used to swim) underneath the mullet.

the distance on top between the float and floating bread is about 50cm give or take just depends hbow easy it is to cast. and i use 9lb line mono so when i cast n top it floats

hope this helps and where abouts are you fishing at

cheers ross B)

some of the better models all over 50cm fork





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hey mate, i see you live in Jimboomba so your fishing the logan river. I used to live in Greenbank and fished for em for ages, great fun and heaps of methods to try. I started out fishing off the bottom with corn kernells as you said at a spot that is great for em, not to big around 40-50cm, summer seems the go for them on corn. In winter i used the bread (doughball), still off the bottom. I then began hiking up denser bush later on at the spot i fished as it could get busy with swimmers etc. You will find the further you walk the more active they are and eager to take something of the surface. to catch them off the surface all you gotta do is get a bit of bread mould your hook in the middle of the bait, and cast it out. It's good to just berly the place up with floating bread and get them feeding off the surface confidently then cast your bait out. At times you will arrive to a spot and there will be carp near the surface anyway which is even better, as you just gotta cast near the spot once they go under, and they will be back to slurp your bread down! :laugh: The biggest iv got in that spot which is in Jimboomba was about 65cm, but i reckon theres gotta be some bigger ones. If you want to know where the spot is just send us a pm ill exlain it to you. good luck

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